Review & COMPETITION: Institut Arnaud Paris Eclat Jeunesse

Hello everyone,

As someone who is almost 25 (7 days and counting…help!), I’m starting to get a little bit worried about wrinkles and bad skin. Plenty of ladies I know are years ahead of me, and have been using anti-ageing products from about 18. I used to be pretty awful with skincare, in general, and relied on makeup wipes and cheap chemical-filled face washes. Fortunately, I’ve improved a little. However, I’ve given no care or attention to anti-ageing, and sadly I’m not getting any younger!

An introduction to Institut Arnaud Paris

I was recently contacted by a lovely PR about a brand I’ve seen, but never tried…until now. Institut Arnaud Paris describes itself as a salon care specialist, and was founded over 65 years ago by a French dermatologist who wanted to develop professional skincare products for the beauty salons of Paris (so they know their stuff!). The brand has several ranges, each serving a different purpose, and caters to different skin types/ages/problems. I was kindly sent three products from the Eclat Jeunesse range, a line in the brand’s array of products developed for the first signs of ageing/wrinkles. Keep reading for my review and a lovely competition!

The products

Youthful radiance defining serum

Institut Arnaud Paris Eclat Jeunesse Serum Galbant

I was directed to apply this daily on clean skin, under my day or night cream. Though I was worried about my skin feeling sticky or oily after applying the serum, this light, creamy formula was easy to apply and soaked into my skin quickly. There was no stickiness and left my skin looking a lot healthier, surprisingly. You need just a few drops of the serum to cover your face, don’t worry if your face feels slightly ‘wet’ after applying it, this dries in a minute or two. It also has a delightfully subtle fresh scent, which is barely noticeable after applying the serum, but I enjoyed the occasional wafts of it.

Youthful Radiance Eye Contour Care

Institut Arnaud Paris Eclat Jeunesse Contour Yeux

I apply and remove eyeliner daily, along with the fact that I’m always squinting whether I’m concentrating, facing the sun or laughing, all of which has gradually lead to slight wrinkles around my eyes. Though, I am by no means saying this product has performed a miracle and rid me of my wrinkles completely, it has definitely reduced how visible the lines are over the period I have been using it for. As an anti-ageing amateur, who has never paid attention to the prevention of signs of ageing – until now – I have always been a little suspicious of wrinkle-reduction claims. I’ve now been put firmly in my place, as it seems the claims aren’t mythical, or at least with this product! I dabbed it lightly, with my ring finger, along my lower lash line, the corners of my eyes, and my under eye area. The instructions suggest using a tiny amount of this (the size of a grain of rice), and it was actually enough to dab around both my eyes. The formula contains silicon and wheat germ, to promote tissue regeneration and repair, and it’s also great for combatting morning puffy eyes! I’ve still got loads of this left after several weeks of almost daily use, so I’d highly recommend this.

Youthful radiance quick beauty lift vials

Institut Arnaud Paris Eclat Jeunesse Quick Beauty Lift Vials

Having never used beauty vials from any brand before, I was quite excited to try these little bursts of magic on my skin. Don’t be fooled by the miniature size of the packaging, there is a lot of product inside, more than enough to cover your face and neck. Simply snap the top half off – after shaking the vial lightly – and pour the contents into the palm of your hand. Take the liquid with your fingertips and lightly pat it around your face and neck. These are possibly my favourite products from the selection, they’re really easy to use and make quite a difference. They can be used whenever and for a variety of purposes, but the best time to use them is to lift and tighten the skin, as a make-up base, for a special occasion or to conceal signs of fatigue. I’ve used three so far (out of the five in the pack), and my skin felt noticeably tighter after each use. It also appeared to reduce the visibility of the pigmentation on my face. Again, like the other products, this absorbed rather quickly and I was able to apply my makeup soon after.

How much do they cost?

Overall, Institut Arnaud Paris products are on the pricier side, compared to ‘drugstore’ brands. I was cynical of anti-ageing products prior to this review, admittedly, and when I once saw a friend buying anti-ageing products at 18 I had a little snigger.

However, I’ve begun to understand the importance of skincare and preventing the signs of ageing – after all, who wants wrinkles?! I wholeheartedly believe it’s worth investing in skincare now, and if we’re willing to spend significant amounts of money on going to restaurants, buying clothes etc. then I think it’s important to prioritise skincare in the same way. That’s not to say mid-range brands are no good, but after trying Insitut Arnaud Paris, I know I’d be happy to reinvest in some of the products – and try new ones – once mine run out. The Youthful Radiance Eye Contour Care is priced at Dhs183, the Defining Serum is Dhs305, and the Quick Beauty Lift Vials are Dhs203. Would I repurchase the products? Read on…

Overall verdicts


As I’ve mentioned before, I will always be completely honest in my reviews, whether they are gifted to me or paid for by myself. So, after using the products for several weeks now, there are a few things I instantly noticed:

  1. My skin has started looking less dull, and ‘brighter’. By that, I mean it looks healthier, less pigmented and probably more like what skin should look like for someone my age.
  2. I’ve still got plenty of product left with both the Defining Serum and the Eye Contour Care, so though they aren’t the cheapest products, they are well worth the money and because I feel that they have made a visible difference. I would definitely repurchase the Eye Contour Care, at least, as my eyes are the area that probably need the most care anti-ageing-wise. Obviously, the Quick Beauty Lift Vials are used immediately after opening each one, but I loved the effect they had on my skin, so I’ll definitely be repurchasing these soon. I used them once every 7-10 days.
  3. Institut Arnaud Paris’ products are all beautifully scented, and though that would never sway my decision on the quality of a product (unless it smelt horrific), it has definitely made using them more enjoyable. It may sound silly, but I do feel as though I’ve visited a spa after using them – you’ll understand if you use the products!

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Institut Arnaud Paris products, and as I mentioned, I would also be happy to repurchase some of them. I also think I’ll look into trying more products from some of their other ranges.

I must admit, I’ve also learnt a lot from using these, because prior to this – and without having the pressure of trying products efficiently enough to produce an honest review – I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have bothered with anti-ageing skincare until I was a fair bit older. Going forward, I think anti-ageing products will now become a staple part of my routine, because though I’m not currently covered in wrinkles, I definitely want to prevent them from appearing on my face! To find out more about the brand and products, visit the website.

Competition time!

Institut Arnaud Paris are kindly giving away gift boxes full of goodies from the Eclat Jeunesse range for two of my lucky readers!


To enter simply leave the answer to the following question in the comment section on this post, and make sure that you are following me on Instagram (follow me here) and have liked the picture I have posted mentioning this competition on it.

Question: When is a good time to apply the Quick Lift Beauty Vials?

The competition ends on Tuesday 14 June. Please do not email/Facebook message/Tweet asking to be chosen. The winner will be selected randomly. The competition is for UAE-based readers only, so unfortunately you will not be chosen if you are living elsewhere this time.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Surena x

All images on this post were taken by me on the Olympus PEN E-PL7.



  1. aksa
    24th May 2016 / 4:59 PM

    They can be used whenever and for a variety of purposes, but the best time to use them is to lift and tighten the skin, as a make-up base, for a special occasion or to conceal signs of fatigue

    • surenasays
      27th June 2016 / 7:39 AM

      Hi Aksa,

      Congratulations! You are a winner of my Insitut Arnaud competition. Please send me your email at: as soon as possible, so that I can arrange your prize.


  2. Georgina Williams
    30th May 2016 / 2:55 PM

    The best time to use them is to lift and tighten the skin, as a make-up base, for a special occasion or to conceal signs of fatigue!
    Well that will be everyday for me to conceal the signs of fatigue!
    Loving your blog, Surena! Keep them flowing!

    • surenasays
      27th June 2016 / 7:42 AM

      Thank you Georgina :).

      Congratulations! You are a winner of my Insitut Arnaud competition. Please send me your email at: as soon as possible, so that I can arrange your prize.


  3. Roxanne
    20th June 2016 / 5:12 AM

    the best time to use them is to lift and tighten the skin, as a make-up base, for a special occasion or to conceal signs of fatigue.

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