Review: Mint Leaf of London Iftar, DIFC, Dubai

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With Ramadan around the corner, the invitations for Iftars have been flooding in. While I have attended a few in the past, I’ve realised it’s time to start being a little more selective with the Iftar previews I attend. Though I may be generalising a little, once you’ve been to a few you start to know what to expect. Given that I’m mostly vegetarian, but enjoy chicken on the odd occasion, I often find the regular selections quite limited. However, when I was invited to preview Mint Leaf of London’s Iftar, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a fan of the restaurant already – a hidden gem in DIFC’s South Tower – and the thought of an Indian spin on a traditional Iftar was quite intriguing.

For my international readers, Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims, and Iftar is when they can break their fast in the evening – Suhoor is the morning meal before sunrise.

Mint Leaf of London, Dubai DIFC

The restaurant

The restaurant itself is rather glamorous with gorgeous views of Dubai’s Downtown area, and the music was great throughout the evening – coincidentally, it was a Monday, which is Mint Leaf’s ladies night (they offer three glasses of bubbly, wine or cocktails), a night I’m determined to go to with a few girl friends. We were seated in one of the private dining rooms with soft lighting and plenty of seats for big groups, so if you’re planning an Iftar with a host of friends/colleagues/families, this is the perfect joint!

Mint Leaf of London, Dubai DIFC

The food

To start the Mint Leaf of London Iftar, we were served mint and lemon juice, to start, along with a selection of cold starters consisting of nuts, dates, salads . Our starters followed soon after, served on a platter that was divided into six sections with seafood (cardamom & cream cheese prawns and roasted fennel seed & garlic hammour), Lahori tandoori chicken, Australian lamb kebabs, Achaari paneer tikka, and saffron broccoli florets. The chicken (on the bone) and paneer were my favourites from the platter, and I could’ve easily eaten more pieces! In between courses, we were served Rooh Afza – rose flavoured milk – a drink I’ve loved since I was little, that went down well with the rest of the diners too.

Mint Leaf of London, Dubai DIFC Iftar

When the main’s arrived, I was a little worried about the portion sizes. I quickly realised how mistaken I was, because I left the restaurant vowing to not eat again until dinner the next day. Indian food is seriously filling and after starters, mains and desserts (I obviously made space for them for the purpose of this review), I was well and truly stuffed. The main courses consisted of Saag Gosht (Australian leg of lamb with spinach & garlic purée), Chicken Tikka Korma, Subz Makhni (a blend of mixed vegetables in a buttery tomato sauce) and Yellow Dal. I tried the chicken korma, accompanied with freshly-baked breads and rice. Though the sauce was a little spicy (I’m hopeless with spicy food), it was rather moreish and had a slightly sweet hint of flavour to it. The dal was perfect for dipping the bread into with its rich texture. After helping myself to several more slices of bread, I found myself feeling quite full and slightly daunted at the thought of yet another course.

Mint Leaf of London, Dubai DIFC Iftar

Fortunately, I powered through to dessert; a platter of Valrhona chocolate mousse, Gulab Jamun and a fruit salad. Despite being Indian, I had never tried Gulab Jamun before, and it’s probably for the best. Though the soft, fluffy sweet treats were delectable, I’m pretty sure they aren’t the healthiest. However, they make for the perfect decadent treat. The chocolate mousse struck the perfect balance, it wasn’t too sickly nor was it bitter, and it went extremely well with the fruit.

Mint Leaf of London, Dubai DIFC Iftar

Mint Leaf of London Iftar details

The Iftar costs Dhs135 per person, with a welcome drink and food, a price I believe is worth paying for a three course meal and I will be definitely be going again with friends and family. As I mentioned before, you’ll be so full that you’ll barely need to eat the next day! The Mint Leaf of London Iftar promotion will be held daily, and to book call: 04 706 0900 or visit the website here.

Overall verdict

I’d honestly highly recommend the Mint Leaf of London’s Iftar, if you are looking to do one Iftar this Ramadan. It’s something a little different, and you’re taken on a wonderful journey of flavours throughout the meal. You’re also guaranteed to leave feeling full, and if that’s not enough, there are also plenty of options for vegetarians. The music is great, and fortunately the ladies night will continue throughout Ramadan, so head down on a Monday night for food, drink and a great atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what your favourite Iftars are in the comments below too.

Thanks for reading!

Surena x

Though I always try to use my own photography, the lighting in the restaurant was quite dim, so I chose to use the PR images provided.


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