Review: A staycation at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Hello everyone. Summer has arrived and staycation season is well and truly upon us!

Sunset at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

With the majority of the region’s population formed of expats, summer sees many of the UAE’s residents heading back to their home countries to escape the heat and take a break. However, those of you that are staying in Dubai this summer may have plans to go on a little staycation. For those of you reading and wondering what I am talking about; we often go away for a weekend to a nice hotel in the same Emirate (e.g. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah etc.) or a different Emirate for a change of scenery. I was invited to discover the ‘Shop, Spa and Stay’ experience at the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre.

Though Deira is just ten minutes down the road from my apartment, I can assure you that I felt like I’d had a lovely break from my day-to-day life. It could be to do with having a change of scenery, visiting a part of Dubai I rarely head down to or just taking time out to completely unwind, but whatever it was, I would definitely recommend it!

The Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Connected to Deira City Centre Mall, the hotel is extremely convenient for those travelling to Dubai with the main purpose of shopping (as opposed to a beach holiday) or Dubai residents looking for somewhere relaxing, but convenient for a weekend.

As you enter the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, you are welcomed in the vast lobby before heading to the check-in desks. Note to everyone visiting the hotel: take about five glasses of the mint and lemon ‘welcome’ drink. It is honestly the best one I’ve tried here, and my boyfriend and I have tried several since, but nothing compares!

We were given an Executive room with a King-sized bed, which was spacious with lovely views of Palm Trees and the surrounding area, along with a super-comfy bed that provided one of the most peaceful night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

The view from an Executive room at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Executive room at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

The bathroom allowed for both baths and showers (I purchased a Lush bath bomb from the mall next door, so I had the most relaxing bath in the evening – I’d highly recommend doing the same).

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb Deira City Centre Mall

The hotel features several F&B outlets: Le Cafe (a lobby lounge), Medley (where we dined for brunch – more about that later), Azure (a pool bar), La Fabrique and the Executive Lounge, which I’m unsure about if we had access to (so we didn’t see it).

Brunch at Medley

Upon arrival to the hotel, we were told we were welcome to try out the brunch at Medley. We arrived to the hotel starving, so we quickly dropped our bags in our room and dashed to the restaurant.

The Medley Brunch at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

I loved how fun and family-friendly the brunch was, with waitresses flying around on roller skates – I don’t think I’d even be able to go five steps without falling, let alone while I’m holding trays of food!

The Medley Brunch at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

The selection was lovely, with a delicious array of comfort food, a traditional roast, a live counter where you could order burgers, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and fries (my favourite counter), plus a huge selection of desserts and freshly-baked breads and pastries. For more information about the brunch (pricing and times), read on.

Shop ’til you drop

I admit I had pretty much written of Deira City Centre Mall off prior to this staycation. I felt it was too far out and was unsure of how good the selection would be. How mistaken I was!

The mall features a large Zara, with plenty of selection and far less shoppers than the likes of The Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates, along with a huge Forever21, and plenty more of everyone’s favourite high-street brands.

The selection of restaurants at the mall is quite impressive too. We dined at 800 Degrees Neopolitan Pizza, if you haven’t tried their pizzas and pastas, they are cooked fresh and are full of classic Italian flavours. We couldn’t resist heading to Chilli’s for its infamous Chocolate Molten Cake for dessert. So, my message to you is to venture out a little and give this mall a try. It’s far quieter than the popular malls, with an equally great selection – and, if you are staying at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, it’s ideal and convenient for a bit of a weekend splurge.

Chili's Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Deira City Centre Mall

I love the idea of hotels connected to malls, especially because you know that after you’ve trawled around one of Dubai’s many huge malls, you have a super-comfy bed to collapse on upon returning to your room.

Unwind at Soma Spa

Upon arriving to the spa, there was a slight complication with the booking and instead of having the treatment I had been asked to select before the stay, I was told I would be having an Ainy Candle Massage. I had no idea what to expect, but the experience was quite relaxing and enjoyable overall.

I was given a herbal tea for my welcome drink, before being briefed about my treatment and what it would involve. My treatment consisted of a 60 minute massage with white orange flower scented oils, by the brand Aïny Skincare, and a candle, which was rolled around my body with light-to-medium pressure. The scent was light and fresh, and when I returned to my room, I was ready for a nap. It takes a lot for me to switch my mind off, so for me to feel so relaxed – even after a massage – was unusual, but the lovely lady at the spa obviously did a good job because I nodded off for a few hours after my treatment!

Soma Spa at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Soma Spa at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Soma Spa at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

I’d highly recommend visiting the spa, even if you aren’t staying at the hotel. The selection of treatments is quite vast and not too pricey, and I also love the products they use during the treatments, which they give you detailed information about pre and post-treatment. Though the website doesn’t have a spa treatment menu, as far as I could see, do give them a call and I’m sure they will be happy to answer any questions. It would be great if they did add a spa menu and pricelist to their website, though, as I’m keen to go back soon.

 Overall verdict of Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Despite being the less obvious choice for a staycation location (I know many, including myself, tend to venture further to the other Emirates), but if you’re looking for a change of scenery, plus a little retail therapy, then this is the place for you! Heading there on a weekend is ideal due to the lack of traffic. Trust me, I know – I had to turn back half way, and drive home to fetch my camera I had forgotten. Genius. Additionally, and for those reading this blog post from abroad, the hotel has several perks:

  • The hotel is just SEVEN minutes from the airport
  • It has a beautiful rooftop swimming pool, which you have to visit at sunset. Also, the cocktails made by the barman at the pool bar, Azure, are brilliant. I drank several perfect margaritas, which were made far better than the ones I have tasted from overpriced bars in town.


Rooftop pool at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

Rooftop pool at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre

  • It is literally attached to Deira City Centre Mall. You just head to the lobby and take the separate lift one floor up to the mall. I don’t think need to say anything else.
  • Though it may not be located in other popular Dubai staycation spots such as The Palm, this gives you the opportunity to explore old Dubai, as it is often referred to. Dubai Creek, for example, is a mere nine minutes away, which allows you to hop on a scenic Dhow cruise and enjoy the sights, smells and buzz of the lesser frequented areas of Dubai (for me, at least).
  • Brunch at the hotel was seriously enjoyable. I loved the concept, I loved the food on offer and who doesn’t love seeing servers on skates?!
  • I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere reasonable to stay too. See price information below.


Prices for an Executive room, which is what I stayed in, start from about Dhs600 per night for two adults. The Executive room gives you access to the Executive lounge, which offers complimentary alcoholic and soft drinks, along with canapés. I’m not sure if the brunch at Medley is included in this price, but even if it isn’t, the brunch costs just Dhs260 with alcohol included. For more information about the hotel and its facilities, visit Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre’s website here.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you could share your favourite staycation spots in the UAE, I’d really appreciate it as I’m constantly on the lookout for places to explore.

Thanks for reading!

Surena x

All photos in this post have been taken by me on the Olympus Pen E-PL7.


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