Review: Kempinski Hotel Ajman, UAE

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I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! With the UAE heat still showing no sign of cooling down, weekends are still mostly spent indoors for me. And, like many other residents of the region, the only things I’m managing to muster up the energy to do is the occasional mall trawl and staycations. As I mentioned in previous posts, this is like a mini break without having to hop on a plane. The UAE comprises seven emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujeirah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. Fortunately, all of the emirates are within one to three hours of driving distance between them. So, when I was contacted to review the Kempisnki Hotel, Ajman by the hotel’s lovely PR Terje Abrams, I gladly accepted.

Kempinski Hotel Ajman

It took just 45 minutes to arrive in Ajman, which is the opposite direction to Dubai’s skyscraper-filled landscape. Ajman is a quiet, coastal-facing emirate with the highest buildings pretty much consisting of the hotels within it.

The Kempinski Hotel Ajman is a relatively large property, which features a pool area and access to its own private stretch of beach. We were told to arrive for 12pm with early check-in, but as the hotel was at 100% occupancy and there was quite a wait until our room was ready. Though, given that it showed just how popular the hotel was, we weren’t complaining! Plus, Terje had arranged for us to join in with the hotel’s brunch, which I’ll be talking about later in the review.

We took a stroll around the hotel while we waited. At 18-years-old, the interiors aren’t brand new, but they hardly show their age and still maintain that luxurious feel that many UAE-based hotels aim to provide. For example, the chandeliers were – slightly – reminiscent of Fabergé eggs with intricate detailing and crystals galore.IMG_0270

The interiors were a cross between contemporary and traditional, with marble and the aforementioned chandeliers, contrasted with mashribiya (an Middle Eastern-inspired design) detailing and wooden furnishings.

The pool was busy throughout our stay with, what appeared to be, other UAE residents who had come for a weekend break. And the beach was also quite busy, but there were plenty of sundecks for guests to rest on.

After brunch, we were given our room; a Junior Suite overlooking the sea and swimming pool. With a soft, cosy King-sized bed, a sofa seating area, a walk-in wardrobe and the bathroom of dreams, this was definitely worth the wait.

Waiting for us was a tray of sweets including macarons, baklava and chocolate-dipped (GIANT) strawberries. We obviously managed to make room for these, because y’know an New York-style Italian brunch wasn’t enough…

The New York Italian Brunch at Sabella’s

This quickly became one of my favourite brunches with its selections of cocktails and drinks on offer – try the margarita and you won’t be disappointed.

Take a stroll around the buffet with cooking stations preparing seafood, meat, burgers and, my personal favourite, pizza!

The lovely chefs are on hand to make sure you get the perfect dish, mine was a fresh-out-the-oven Margherita (not the drink this time, obvs), which I managed to finish single-handedly. The burgers, grilled in front of you, are a treat, too!

This brunch also featured what I would probably say is one of the most impressive dessert stations I’ve seen. The innovative chefs at the Kempinski Ajman conjured up the idea of a chocolate shawarma station. With marbled white and milk chocolate literally swirling around a kebab-style contraption, the chef prepared a crêpe for you before smothering it in nutella, adding some chocolate shawarma shavings and wrapping it up! In addition to that, the cakes were seriously impressive. A bowl of pasta cake was on show, along with a pizza cake, burger cake and even, a pepsi bottle cake – mimicked to the point of even looking like it had bubbles and condensation!

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The Room!

Spacious, bright and comfortable, the Junior Suite featured a bed with a canopy, a cosy sofa seating area, a walk-in wardrobe, a balcony overlooking the pool and sea (super-relaxing, but beware of the ants!), plus a dreamy bathroom!





With a super-cosy feel, this was the perfect room to enjoy a relaxing weekend away in – so cosy, in fact, that we ended up falling asleep for a few hours post-brunch!

The walls seemed to be quite thin as we could hear voices of people talking next door or outside at 2/3am, but other than that it was perfect.

What To Do at The Kempinski Hotel Ajman

There’s plenty to do here including enjoying a lazy day by the pristine beach, we watched the sunset and it completely cleared my mind. Alternatively, enjoy the lively atmosphere by the pool, which was packed throughout our stay with people indulging in drinks from the pool bar. Or, for the ultimate relaxation, book yourself in for a spa treatment. I was treated to a massage! With great service, the incredible brunch and a perfect break from city life, this is a lovely spot to head for a long weekend!

To book, visit the website here or call +971 6 714 5555.


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