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I thought I’d do a fun little post because I really felt like blogging today and often spend more time than I really should on Instagram, I’d like to think I’m not alone with that though because it’s just ridiculously addictive!

By SurenaSnaps

This is just a fun post so obviously it doesn’t apply to everyone and is just what sometimes goes through mine and my friend’s minds when we’re on it.

Enjoy and don’t forget it to share it with your friends if you can relate :).

  1. Why does everyone seem to be on a tropical island somewhere in a bikini with a cocktail in hand? And, er, why aren’t I?
  2. Oh my gosh look at her abs. I am never eating chocolate again…after this bar.
  3. Maybe if I wasn’t following all of these foodporn accounts, I wouldn’t be craving nutella-drizzled waffles and oreo brownies all the time. But they’re just SO goood.
  4. Her theme looks amazing. I wish I could have my life together enough to have a theme, but imagine all the pretty things I’d miss out on instagram-ing. Ergh, I give up.
  5. I wish I had fresh peonies on my desk every day too.
  6. OK, I put that selfie on an hour ago I just need two more likes to hit 11. Where are these people I call my friends?! Help a sista out!
  7. Do NOT like his ex’s friend’s picture from 78 weeks ago. NO! Phew that was close, time to stop being a psycho stalker.
  8. Oooh another Kayla Itsines transformation photo. That could totally be me. I’ll start tomorrow. Hmm… I wonder if it’s photoshopped. I mean, that wall does look a little wonky. Damn, I wish you could zoom on Instagram.
  9. How on earth do these makeup artists do it?! I can just about get my eyeliner wings semi-even. I’m totally going to try contouring one day. Or not.
  10. Oh fab. Another lust-worthy haul blog. RIP salary. It was nice knowing you because I totally need yet another dress that’s like the other 20 in my wardrobe. But oh my god I NEED this. No doubt I’ll look like a sack of potatoes compared to the blogger in it, but oh well!

After reading this post, it’ll be easy for you to see that I’m no pro Instagram-er, but feel free to follow my un-themed account here :).

Cocktails by the Burj Khalifa by SurenaSnaps

Cocktails by the Burj Khalifa by SurenaSnaps

Thanks for reading!
Surena x


Hello everyone!

I know, I haven’t blogged in forever and I’ll probably do a little life-update post because a lot has changed in the past few months but I thought I’d do a post about things I’m currently lusting after. Some are designer bits, some are just high-street items that have caught my eye but it’s a range of fashion, beauty, homeware and whatever else I’ve found myself obsessing over.

It’s payday weekend so I thought why not share a few of the things I currently have my eye on. Realistically, I probably can’t justify spending money on most of the things on here, but I love looking at ‘Wish list’ posts from other bloggers to get inspiration for more things to spend money on and thought I’d share a few things I’m loving with you!

  1. Chloé Drew Bag
Chloé's Drew Bag in Cement Pink

Chloé’s Drew Bag, Cement Pink

I spotted this beautiful bag on Instagram at first, in multiple pictures with saturated whiter-than-white backgrounds and the bag laid perfectly across a marble table (you know the ones I’m talking about). However, it was watching this Tanya Burr Vlog that made me desperate to get my hands on it, the bag just looked perfect with her Alice & Olivia dress and I love the clasp. I remember Chloé’s padlock bags that everyone, including myself, seemed to be obsessed with and I really do like how inventive the brand is with its clasps. Though I love the Cement Pink variation, I rarely wear any gold jewellery or accessories so it would have to be the black and silver variation for me – not very adventurous, I know. Get your hands on the Cement Pink version here or the black/silver one here, both are £1,050.

2. Monica Vinader Linear Diamond Chain Bracelet

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 15.15.34

Another Instagram spot that had me frantically racing to my browser and lusting after virtually every item as I scrolled through page after page of the beautiful necklaces and bracelets. It was the silver friendship bracelet that drew me to the brand initially, but then… I spotted this beautiful chain and diamond bracelet. I love Monica Vinader’s incredibly dainty and elegant adjustable bracelets, in particular, because seem like they wouldn’t look ginormous on my weirdly-tiny wrists. I reckon this would work well on its own or stacked with a few other thin, chain bracelets like this one. An additional note about the diamond chain bracelet: I just found out it can be engraved and now want it EVEN more! You can have the inside/top/bottom engraved along with the toggle…oh and that’s for free by the way. Just wow. Find the Linear Diamond bracelet here for £335.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 15.14.32Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 15.14.12

3. Bang-Up Betty Silver #NOFILTER Necklace

Bang-Up Betty #NOFILTER Necklace

Bang-Up Betty #NOFILTER Necklace

I love this for so, so many reasons. Mainly because I’m currently obsessed with metal bar necklaces, but it’s the embossed ‘#NOFILTER’ that I adore about it. As most people who know me know, I just say exactly what I’m thinking – there’s no beating around the bush with me. I’m also a bit of a ‘selfie’-addict, my Instagram is embarrassingly littered with them but what’s even more upsetting is that I can’t walk around with a ‘Crema’ filter on my face in real life so I suppose this is a fair warning necklace too! It’s simple, quite cool and I reckon this is a pretty versatile piece of jewellery too. It’s on Etsy, so be warned, you’ll be spending hours adding all sorts of other items to your basket too but you can get it here for £22.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow and the ‘On Call’ Makeup Bag

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson Makeup Bag

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson Makeup Bag

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson Filmstar Bronze & Glow

I’m cheating a little here, but to be fair both products are from the same AMAZING, gorgeous and magical Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson collection so I’m sure you’ll all let me off. I’m hopeless with makeup – this isn’t an exaggeration. My makeup routine DAILY/no matter what is eyeliner, sweeping MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in ‘Give Me Sun!’ all over my face (this is probably very naughty in the makeup world and I should probably be ‘sweeping it in a 3-motion’ around my face but it does something to it so that’s a start, hey! Then I put lip stick/gloss on et voila I can leave the house without people gasping at my face. On the days I’m feeling fancy or going out, I’ll put some eyeshadow on (with my fingers, using one or two colours at most) and – I’m dead proud of this new addition – I recently bought ‘Watts Up’ by Benefit and have started attempting to highlight/create my cheekbones (I have hamster cheeks so I’m not 100% sure if there are actually cheekbones under there.

Anyway I’ve gone way off topic. Basically I want the pretty, glam Charlotte Tilbury palette because it looks amazing when other people use it and I’m sure if I stopped being so lazy I could possibly make it work. Though what swayed me towards it mostly was the pretty packaging and the fact that it looks like it could be dark enough to show up on my skin – most bronzers I find in ‘drugstores’ (I hate using that term) swatch like a light, washed out translucent powder on me!

Ideally I’d just rather buy myself the makeup bag because I’m sure it would get much more usage than the palette would embarrassingly. I’m in love with the stunning Norman Parkinson shot they’ve picked for both of these products.

The palette is a rather pricey £55 and the makeup bag is £32, which I shouldn’t really be able to justify because it’s going to be pretty stained by makeup inevitably, but you can get them here. That said, I seem to be able to justify the next items, which get ruined the minute you take one step in them…

5. Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent 120mm

Christian Louboutin So Kate 120mm

Christian Louboutin So Kate 120mm

I think pretty much everyone I know, knows about my obsession with Christian Louboutin. I don’t own many designer items, and I’m not the type of girl who dreams of a designer-only wardrobe – I personally think you can find plenty of gorgeous items in Primark, New Look, Forever21 etc. – but if my shoe cupboard was only filled with Louboutin’s, I certainly wouldn’t complain! I could dedicate an entire post to the pairs I want *lightbulb moment*, so it was pretty hard picking just one, but I’ve done it. I love the ‘So Kate’s, they’re sexy, versatile and simple. You could wear them to work and then straight to a nice evening event, plus the fact that this pair is black means that they can compliment most ensembles. I was going to buy them for myself as a treat when I left my last job, then my lovely dad decided to point out that they’re the price of a flight abroad and it sent me crashing back to reality with a rather painful thud. I do know that the beautiful red role gets destroyed as soon as you wear them once, but that still hasn’t put me off! So until I have some savings in my bank and a nice holiday booked, I reckon I’ll just be wearing my trusty New Look pumps. Sigh. If you do have £425 lying around, though, and can afford both the holiday and shoes at this moment in time, buy them here. I won’t be bitter. AT ALL.

6. Mejuri Heartbreaker Chain Ring Silver

Mejuri Heartbreaker Chain Ring

Mejuri Heartbreaker Chain Ring

I first spotted this brand through Amelia Liana’s vlogs, she’s launched a gorgeous collection with the brand but it’s mostly gold jewellery – though her star pieces are right up my street. My favourite items from the website are the chain rings, I’m currently sporting four silver/white gold rings on my hands right now so I definitely don’t need any more but I love any jewellery that’s dainty and has hearts on it so this is obviously a must-have. It works out to about £26 (it’s an American brand, I believe), plus shipping but it is sterling silver! Get yours here.

7. LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb

Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

I’m a fan of anything cocoa-butter scented, so this was an obvious choice when I first tried it. BUT what I didn’t expect was just how smooth and silky my skin would feel afterwards. I’m not exaggerating, it genuinely felt like I’d put moisturiser on already after washing it off and stepping out of the bath. Obviously, I still applied moisturiser after the bath, but it still did much more than I’d expect from a bath bomb. I’m a sucker for Lush’s products and have been since I first spotted the sadly-discontinued Ma Bar (Lush gods, if you’re listening, please bring it back even if it’s only for a few weeks so I can buy about 50) in a magazine when I was about 13. Bath bombs are my all-time favourite products from the brand, but I also can’t get enough of their shower gels and bubble bars. I do like their lotions, but they are super-rich so I wouldn’t slop it on during the day, rather after an evening bath to moisturise throughout the night or if your face is crying for some intense moisturising, just apply a few dots and blend – you’ll be surprised by just how well it works. Anyway, I went a little off-topic there! Basically, if you’re looking for a dreamy, relaxing, deliciously-scented bath that leaves your skin feeling amazing buy the Butterball bath bomb here for £2.65.

8. Typo Notebook

Typo A5 Notebook

Typo A5 Notebook

For those of you who don’t get excited by stationary, just move along now because I know for a fact that I am not the only one who loves stationary shopping. I really enjoy buying cute new notebooks pens, diaries (that I never end up using) and other bits and bobs. I discovered Typo several months ago in Dubai by chance, it’s opened in a Shoreditch-style area called ‘Boxpark’ a hipster-haven with shops in container-style structures. I walked in, with my brother, and just went a bit mental – not even exaggerating, ask my brother he had to tell me to put about 10 items back because I was going ‘over the top’. They have fab deals on notepads and other bits, but I just tend to buy notepads and phone cases every time I visit. I’m currently using this snazzy flamingo one for work – professional, I know – but I now have my eye on the vibrant New York one above. They’ve recently opened a new store in The Dubai Mall at the end of the Metro Link, which I am yet to check out but I reckon it’s wise to either go after payday or set myself a spending limit. I promise I’m not a total loser, I’ve just read this point back and I look like I need therapy for my stationary addiction. I just like notepads, OK. I’ve just realised there isn’t a store in England (you can still browse the site and make a wish-list for if you do visit any of the countries with a store!), but Dubai readers and people reading this from Australia, America, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia can buy it here.

That’s all for this post everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading it! I’m aiming to include more products and write less if I do a post like this again, did you enjoy it or would you rather never see one like it again? Be honest!

I’ve been saying that I’ll blog again – to myself and everyone I know – for ages, but I’ve been massively lazy and after starting my new job it’s been quite a busy time for me. I hope I blog again soon, because I genuinely loved writing this and found it fun, but I’m not going to set a time-frame or date just yet!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you’re currently loving below!

Surena x


I genuinely got distracted by Netflix mid-way through writing this list. Twice.

1. OK. I’ll just watch three episodes today.
Seven episodes later…

2. Right, I don’t care what happens this episode. I’m going to bed after this
They did what?! OK maybe one more won’t hurt.

3. Today’s the day I watch something different 
The next episode of my show can totally wait…or not. I can be adventurous another day.

4. If I watch one more episode that leaves me 4..5..5 and a half hours of sleep
What?! It can’t just be me who calculates how much sleep I’ll get before bed and binge-watching!

5. What was life before Netflix?!

6. Oh, hold on. Nevermind. Imagine how much I could’ve done with the three hours I’ve spent on it. 
But would you really have spend them productively? Would you?!

7. Why are there so many great shows, but so few good movies?

8. Fantasising about this weekend: a duvet day in bed (with snacks, obviously), Netflix, no distractions and being able to watch your show until as late as you want without having to worry about a 6am alarm.
Reality: Falling asleep at 10pm because you’re so tired after a long week. Ouch.

9. Genuinely contemplating cancelling plans so you can stay in and watch more episodes.
I KNOW I’m not alone on this one.

10. Finishing an entire show and wondering what will fill the void in your life now. 

11. Life can totally wait another 45 minutes.


I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to leave show suggestions below!


2015 has been a pretty turbulent year for me so far: I’ve ended a 3 year relationship, quit my job and moved on from toxic friendships – all within the space of four months. As someone with anxiety issues I was surprised that I haven’t become a giant mess since, but I’m beginning to realise that all of the above factors were contributing to my anxiety and removing them from the equation has actually had the opposite effect.

Now, I’m no expert on coping with tough situations but these are the things that I’ve found have worked so far.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people
    Though it’s tempting to hide away from everyone and keep all of your fears and feelings to yourself, so as not to ‘bother’ them with your problems, it’s surprising just how many people want to be there for you. I’ve spoken to several friends about the things going on lately and all of them have sat, listened to me ramble and wiped away tears (sorry, guys!), but most importantly, each of these lovely people have given me different pieces of advice that have helped far more than they’ll ever know. So don’t be afraid to approach them, whether it’s 10pm and the reality of your situation has suddenly hit you and you just need someone to talk to or you’re out for lunch with them and need some quick advice. At the same time…
  2. Have some alone time
    Until recently, I hadn’t realised that sometimes it is just nice to be on your own at home relaxing and having some time to think. I’m an outgoing person who loves meeting new people, which has led me to constantly wanting to surround myself with people. However, I’m gradually learning to enjoy taking time out and spending time with myself. Going out to clubs, bars or even dinners when your head isn’t in the right place doesn’t make for a fun night out. You’ll end up dwelling over your issues or forcing yourself to distract yourself for a few hours while you’re out having fun, but the problems and emotions will come back in full force when you’re back home alone. Instead, don’t be afraid to say no to the odd night out, if your friends truly care for you they’ll understand. Watch 3985854834 episodes of your favourite show on Netflix, watch films, read books, do something you love – be it a sport or blogging – and take a little time out to do nothing but just think.
  3. Write a list
    I was given this advice last week when I was at lunch with a friend. Having just resigned from my job, the first thing people ask me is ‘what are you going to do next’ and to be honest, I don’t really know. I decided I wanted to become a journalist at 14 after doing two weeks of work experience for a magazine in Dubai, since then my stubborn self has fiercely pursued a career in the field by tailoring my A levels around journalism, doing journalism at university, graduating and going straight into looking for jobs and internships in the field, I moved back to Dubai, interned for several months at magazines leading me to my first job in the industry almost two years ago. I never took a gap year, I’ve never been travelling (i.e. backpacking or going away for a few months or a year to visit various countries), except for university holidays, I haven’t really taken time out to just be selfish, relax, gather my thoughts and figure out what I really want to do. My friend told me to write a list of things I’d like to do, how I can do them and gradually narrow it down to a few achievable things. My head often has about 50 thoughts going through it per minute, so I found this was a really helpful idea to figure out what to do next.
  4. Don’t look back
    That’s right. Bin those rose-tinted glasses. Whether it was your job, relationship or friendship that you’ve finally had the courage to get rid of, don’t start second-guessing whether you’ve made the right decision. The chances are it’s taken a hell of a long time for you to actually say ‘that’s it, I’m done. I’ve had enough and I can’t do this anymore.’ Don’t sit there two weeks later and think, ‘oh, actually we had some really good times’ forgetting all the negative impact that person or experience had on your life. It isn’t easy, but sometimes you’ll need to tell yourself to get a grip and be realistic.
  5. Take some time out
    Whether its a weekend of just being ‘selfish’ and only trying to make yourself happy or taking a week off work, just do it. I did this recently – it felt like I was trying keeping this huge boulder of anxiety from rolling me over (it’s hard to explain), and I was just about keeping it up – I knew I had to just stop for a little while and give myself a bit of time to relax, come to terms with how I’ve been feeling and just doing absolutely nothing for a week. Before that, I’d just been plodding along, trying to ignore the fact that I was pretty miserable and not allowing myself a bit of time to just come to terms with what has been happening. It allowed me to clear my head, think about what I wanted to do about my situation and just make myself happy for a week. It felt odd not taking that time off to go abroad or on a little staycation, but I can safely say it’s one of the best things I could’ve done for myself and I’d highly recommend it.
  6. Keep yourself occupied
    No, not just going on multiple nights out. Find hobbies, they needn’t be expensive but they will help. Three days after breaking up with my ex, I signed up with a personal trainer who I’ve now realised was a bit of an angel in disguise – not just because she’s helped me look far better than I did a few months ago but because she’s also become more of a friend than someone who just makes me do horrid lunges and squats. I’m far less anxious while I’m exercising and for hours after – happy hormones, people! Personally, it’s a much more productive use of my time than sitting in bed, scrolling through my instagram and wondering why I don’t have this ‘perfect’ life everyone else seems to have – which is absolute BS by the way. So whether you’re hitting exercise classes, trying to write a book or taking up an online course just try to use your time to occupy yourself in a productive or fun way rather than dwelling on what’s gone wrong.
  7. Don’t compare your life to others
    This relates to what I said above, social media can be an extremely helpful tool but it can also be your worst enemy. People only put up what they want friends and followers to see (no one wants to see someone sobbing in bed listening to Sam Smith. Fact). Your friends or peers may seem like they have the perfect life, but you have no idea what goes on when you’re not with them! Everyone has their struggles, and they may even think your life looks perfect externally!
  8. Be positive! 
    Realise that whether something negative has happened to you, or you’ve chosen to eradicate something negative from your own life: the chances are it’s for the best! Having recently cut out a few people from my life, I’ve realised that my life has hugely improved without them. Always remember that you coped before this person came into your life so you can definitely cope when they’re no longer in it. I’ve met far nicer people since cutting out the people who were in my life before and I never thought I would. I honestly believe that bigger and better things are often on the horizon and as cheesy as it sounds, when one door closes several more really do open.

I hope that’s helped a little, as I said before I’m just sharing things that have helped me through the past few months. I’m gradually realising that I can’t seem to nail short, snappy posts so sorry about that but I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Surena x


A lot has been going on in all aspects of my life lately and though I’ve been pushing myself to just ride it out and roll with the punches, I recently realised I needed to just take a break. 

Though I ideally wanted to take a month out of Dubai in July – as I do every year – I realised it was time I took some time off work to just rest for a week. My brother’s out here at the moment so the plan was to spend lots of time with him and also have an extremely productive week. 

Sadly, the latter hasn’t happened and I’m now faced with the fact that I go back to work in three days and have achieved ZERO! It’s frustrating because I’d aimed to get back into blogging and potentially even vlogging, while carrying out other tasks I had promised myself I would do. 

However, I’m slowly realising that we constantly put so much pressure on ourselves to be achieving something daily. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know it gets me down when I don’t live up to my own expectations. 

Sometimes, however, these can be rather unrealistic and I don’t think we’re always fair to ourselves with the image we paint in our heads of how we should be. I’m turning 24 in under two months – had you asked me where I’d see myself at this age two years ago I would’ve said in a happy relationship, settling in to my career and working my way up the ladder, travelling etc. Yet I’m now single, I am happy in my job but realise I still have some way to go before I am exactly where I want to be – at 23 I think that’s true for most people my age – and I definitely haven’t done much travelling due to always trying to see my ex every holiday as we were doing long distance. Idiotically I’ve felt like I’ve missed the boat with travelling. However, I’m gradually seeing that it’s never too late and it’s just down to me to save and make it happen. 

I’ve rambled a lot in this post – sorry! – but my point is. Maybe we need to all be a little easier on ourselves. Sometimes we do need to take some time out to recuperate and relax and just do nothing – shock horror! And that’s ok. Should we really always be doing something productive or trying to achieve something. Can’t we just enjoy ‘me time’ without thinking ‘By the end of the day I need to do this this and this’?!

I’m not sure if I’m trying to make myself feel better or whether others actually feel the same. Though I may not have ticked 10 things off my to-do list I have had a lovely week off and spent time with my family and friends. I’ve walked along the beach and enjoyed the sunshine with a friend, I’ve caught up with an old friend who had to deal with me being a bit of an emotional mess but who made sure I came away feeling 100 times better, I’ve had time to think about my future – unfortunately I’m as clueless as before – and I’ve spent time in bed binge-watching TV shows (reality TV show fans – watch Taking New York!). Yet, overall I’m feeling much happier than I was before this time off and I’m glad I did this for myself after a turbulent few months. 

When I told my friend I was taking a week off to just rest, cheer myself up and relax she said it was a bit like a ‘mental health week’ and she couldn’t have been more right. I needed this to keep me slightly sane because I knew there was no way I could carry on just forcing myself to hold out until summer to have some proper time off. 

So, let’s maybe stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to constantly be achieving something all the time. Instead, take time to just unwind, enjoy your surroundings, be ‘selfish’ and concentrate on just making yourself happy rather than everyone else constantly. 

I looked back at my last post today and realised that I’ve actually stuck to my New Year’s resolutions pretty well oddly – minus number 2 and 3 in this case! I’ve lost some weight, I’ve started focussing on my own happiness a little more by making positive changes in my life and I’ve learnt to go with the flow a little more. Not every outcome can be preempted and that’s ok. 

This post has been more of a stream of my thoughts as they fly around my head so in hindsight, they probably made very little sense! But I hope it helped a tiny bit. 

Thanks for reading! 

Surena x

P.S. If you’re feeling a little low at the moment and need some wise words of wisdom, I suggest you follow this account on Instagram (the images above are from there) and also this board on Pinterest that I’m constantly adding to. I hope it helps!


Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a lovely time celebrating. I kept it simple this year and avoided the Dubai traffic by staying at home and watching the amazing fireworks from the balcony with friends and family.




I know I’ve been extremely quiet on here lately and I’m disappointed that I have been as I often miss blogging, but following my promotion I’m finding my feet with this new role and adjusting. That said, I love it and couldn’t be happier it’s fun, exciting, interesting and challenging. I’ve also been on holiday since December 18th as my boyfriend has flown out to see me along with my brother who’s back for the Christmas break from uni.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point now. I thought I’d share my New Year’s resolutions – part of me thinks that if I share them and write them down I’ll have to stick to them. Eek!

1. Lose weight
I piled on the pounds last year, giving little priority to exercise and healthy eating because I felt I was too stressed, busy and tired. A poor excuse and that will be changing this year because regardless of wanting to look good, I actually want to feel good and healthy – I don’t think it’s normal for someone aged 23 to be as unhealthy and unfit as me. So though I won’t start starving myself and working out three hours a day, I do at least want to do some form of exercise five times a week and transform my eating habits. See ya, McDonald’s and cupcakes!

2. Be more productive
No, sadly watching rubbish TV shows after I get home from work may be fun and one or two episodes are fine but I feel like I need to be doing more. Be it doing something creative – suggestions please – or blogging, which brings me to my next point.

3. Blog more!
I have neglected this blog and though I’m not ready to promise a blog a week, I will try to post far more frequently. I enjoy it, but my logic – as I’ve said before is – I write as a job and sometimes the last thing I want to do is write some more. However, I think it’ll help. It’s something I enjoy and I have total freedom with what I write so, why not.

4. Realise a few important things
My happiness relies on me and not anyone else. Go with the flow, but at the same time be a little more daring because it seems that when one door closes, others actually do open!


5. Go with the flow
I need to stop worrying about and trying to predetermine every situation – it helps sometimes, but not always. I need to learn to let go a little more, take things in my stride and not expect the worst outcome in every situation.

I think that’s all for now! What are yours?

I’ll hopefully post again soon!


Surena x

Here’s a few pictures from the past two weeks :).